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electric powertiki winch
  • Battery operated (Ix 12v) can average 1000m in 15 minutes

  • Unique belt drive system that minimises risk of line breakage under heavy weight

  • Uses a cut-out relay switch to prevent overheating

  • Made from high quality aluminium, stainless steel and timber components

  • Fully sealed compartment to protect the motor and battery from elements

  • Includes two batteries

powertiki cart
  • Lightweight strong aluminium frame

  • Removable fish bin for easy carriage & cleaning

  • Moulded cradle for mounting PowerTiki

  • Up rights & handle can be easily removed

  • 15cm wide grip tyres for easy manoeuvre on sand and rocks

geared beach reel
  • High quality hand reel

  • Geared 3:1 for easy winding

  • Attached to upright stand (easy to lodge in sand) in high quality galvanised steel